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New Romanian SF Magazine!

Radu Romaniuc reviews the first issue of new Romanian Magazine Galileo:

In the editorial that opens the #1 Issue of Galileo Horia Nicola Ursu writes:

[…] a magazine is something alive, it expresses a certain moment, it is a part of the Zeitgeist.

Of the ten authors in the Table of Contents only three are Romanians. On the Fiction side, two Romanian short-stories, three translations. On the Non-fiction side the gap is wider, 1 to 4. And while most of the  translated non-fiction, written by English-speaking authors, presents issues of (more or less) importance to recent culture of the English-speaking world, the Romanian article presents an overview of the career of an old writer. (About who’s career I read articles, I think, in every incarnation of a sf magazine in this country, since I was a kid… but I never managed to like any of his books.)

The two short-stories written by Romanian authors left me feeling like I was watching a stage-show improvised by old men who have lived in the middle of the woods. If you applaud at the end, big mistake, they’ll try to bow courteously and fall face down on the ground, and never get up again.

Or something like that.

Keep reading.


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  1. Can you please provide some contact information with editors or distributors of GALILEO?

    Comment by Žarko Milićević | June 3, 2010

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