Times Live Profiles Lauren Beukes

Times Live profiles Lauren Beukes (who also has recently released her second novel, Zoo City). Here’s an excerpt from the article:

In Zoo City, Beukes imagines a Joburg that is frighteningly accurate and simultaneously impossible. Like her other fiction works, this one is fast, frenzied, twisted and breathtaking. With an international release scheduled for later this year and an impressive foreign print run (20000 copies alone for North America), Zoo City should confirm Beukes as the natural heir to Gibson, possibly even Huxley and Orwell.

Beukes, who collaborated with designer Joey Hifi (aka Dale Halvorsen) to produce the local Zoo City cover, is also working on a number of Zoo spin-offs: design studio Am I Collective has created a range of vinyl toys; African Dope will mix up another hot “soundtrack”; and Sean Metelerkamp has agreed to a Zoo City-inspired photo shoot.


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