The World Chinese-language Science Fiction Research Workshop

Guangyi Li writes in to mention that Yan Wu, Guangyi Li, and Nathaniel Isaacson has launched a website that focuses on Chinese-language science fiction studies: Here’s more information from their About Page:

在过去一个世纪中华文明呈现给世界的所有奇迹中,科幻文学的产生和发展,可能是最堪称奇迹的奇迹之一。在这样一个几乎没有西方意义科学传统的文明 中,科幻文学被吸纳、鼓吹、创作、传播,并随中国的时代进程而跌宕起伏。今天,当中国在国际舞台上愈发引人瞩目,源自华夏的文明在世界各地枝繁花茂,以华 文为载体的科幻文学和文化仍然在通向未来的道路上踟蹰。


从上世纪末开始,一批有志于科幻研究的学者,已经在两岸三地乃至不同的大洲开始了各自独立的探索,许多优秀的成果随之出现。但是,大家仍然感到,缺 乏有效的交流,缺乏诚挚的对话,缺乏能激荡心灵的辩驳。因此,我们发起成立这个科幻研究坊,目的是希望世界各地对华文科幻文学感兴趣的研究者和爱好者能将 智力和思想汇聚于此,分享各自的发现,研讨重要的问题,体验共同的快乐。我们也希望通过这个群体能增进相互之间的友谊,促进资源和人员的交流,并在未来建 立我们自己的独立的实体活动空间。


In the past century among all of Chinese civilization’s marvelous contributions to the world, perhaps the creation and development of SF literature can be considered a marvel among marvels. In this civilization, almost lacking a tradition of science in its western sense, SF has been taken in, advocated, created, popularized and has risen and fallen in accord with China’s historical vicissitudes. Today, while China captures more and more attention upon the world stage, and Chinese civilization’s contributions flourish throughout the globe, SF literature and culture transmitted in the Chinese language continues down the road to an uncertain future.

How many little-known stories are there in its past, and what will its future hold?

Beginning at the end of the last century, a group of scholars well-versed in SF studies in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and even beyond Asia began independent investigations of the subject and many outstanding achievements resulted. However, many still sensed a lack of productive exchange, a lack of sincere dialogue, and a lack of truly emotionally stirring debate. Because of this, the objective of the founders of this Science Fiction Research Workshop is to allow those scholars and fans throughout the world who share interest in Chinese-language SF to compile their wisdom and thoughts here, to share discoveries, to deliberate upon critical issues and to share in the mutual pleasures of this pursuit. We also hope that this sense of growing camaraderie will spur on the exchange of human and material resources, and in the future will allow for the creation of a real space where we can freely carry out these activities.

The World Chinese-language Science Fiction Research Workshop welcomes the participation of all colleagues, and hopes we can bring a sense of the poetic and the profound, to this transcultural and transregional warm home where we inspire and enlighten each other!


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