Chinese Science Fiction News

The recently-launched World Chinese-Language Science Fiction Research Workshop has posted its newsletter for June 2010 and includes various news and reactions regarding Chinese science fiction. Here are some of its news items:

  • Rao Zhonghua, Popular Science Writer and SF Scholar, Dies
  • World Chinese Science Fiction Association Extends Nominations for 2010 “XINGYUN” Chinese Fantasy Awards
  • World Chinese Science Fiction Association Launches Romantic Journeys Series
  • August: Galaxy Awards and SFW Writers’ Conference
  • First Set of Selected Master Works of Golden Age Chinese SF Released
  • Strong Reactions to The History of Science Fiction
  • Chinese SF in a Fight for its Life?
  • College Students to Shoot SF Film for 2,000 RMB
  • Funding Problems for 4D Science Fiction Film Future Dinosaurs
  • Chinese Science Fiction Monthly Newsletter Launches

Check out the newsletter for more information on these news items.


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