MOVIE WEEK: “Bunker” by Paul Douchet

Today on MOVIE WEEK we have a Bunker, short film by French director Paul Douchet. French, with English subtitles.


2 thoughts on “MOVIE WEEK: “Bunker” by Paul Douchet

  1. Ver well done, no doubt. But why 99% of SF today aimes at representing catastrophic situations with no way out? The message behind this short movie is a mixture of darkness, fear, terror, betrayal, falseness, murder, holocaust, all the negative one can say about humaning beings. I would like the same degree of effort in representing the positive side as well. Hope, change, victory. Colours instead of darkness. Is it so hard to work in a direction that sometimes makes life win? Apparently, yes. Please let us do it.

  2. Francesco, have you read Cory Doctorow’s novels? They’re focused on people fighting back against dark forces, often successfully. You might like them.

    Worldsf, thanks _so much_ for posting these shorts–they’re terrific!

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