Lavie Tidhar’s “Cloud Permutations” Released

Lavie Tidhar’s latest book, the novella Cloud Permutations, is now available from PS Publishing.

From the publisher’s page:

Synopsis / Contents:

Lavie Tidhar grew up in Israel and South Africa, but it was his experience of the South Pacific, and the remote islands of Melanesia, that inspired this book. When he wasn’t climbing volcanoes or riding in canoes and boats (or tending his little tomato patch!) Lavie wrote in his tiny bamboo shack on the island of Vanua Lava. He speaks fluent Bislama – the pidgin language of Vanuatu and another major influence on his writing. Lavie’s first novel, The Bookman, is out in 2010 from Angry Robot Books. PS will be publishing another of Lavie’s novellas next year.

Cloud Permutations

The world of Heven was populated, centuries ago, by Melanesian settlers from distant Earth. It is a peaceful, quiet world – yet it harbours ancient secrets.

Kai just wants to fly. But flying is the one thing forbidden on Heven – a world dominated by the mysterious, ever present clouds in the skies. What do they hide? For Kai, finding the answer might mean his death – but how far will you go to realise your dreams?

Set against the breathtaking vista of a world filled with mystery and magic, Cloud Permutations is a planetary romance with a unique South Pacific flavour, filled with mythic monsters, ancient alien artefacts, floating islands and a quest to find a legendary tower… whatever the cost.

Cloud Permutations is available in two editions:


3 thoughts on “Lavie Tidhar’s “Cloud Permutations” Released

  1. Nice cover artwork: but oh dear, PS Publishing. Melanesia and Polynesia are not the same thing. Cover artwork fail, sigh…

  2. I just noticed this entry and thought the same as T. The face is wearing a Maori moko! Bad neo-tribal conflation!

  3. That was the first thing I noticed, too – not only is it cringeworthy, it’s so disappointing! I thought the book actually would be a Maori sci-fi/fantasy.

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