Aliette De Bodard on Science Fiction and Non-Western/Non-Anglophone Countries

Aliette De Bodard currently has an essay up on Asimov's entitled Thought Experiments: The View from the Other Side: Science Fiction and Non-Western/Non-Anglophone Countries. Here's an excerpt: Given all of this, it is not surprising that science fiction (in the way we usually mean it—I will come back to this later), a genre steeped in... Continue Reading →

Gord Sellar on Boyran, a novel by World’s Youngest Fantasy Writer Wonje Song

Gord Sellar shares his opinion on Boyran, a novel by World’s Youngest Fantasy Writer Wonje Song. “Boyran” by Wonje Song was published in 1995 by the Joong-ang Daily News. The bit in the middle — “a novel by World’s Youngest Fantasy Writer” is factually inaccurate, of course: he tied with Jim Theis, author of The Eye... Continue Reading →

Jay Rubin on Translation

Over at the Haikasoru Blog, Nick Mamatas has a short post on Jay Rubin's (known for translating Haruki Murakami's fiction) approach at translation: In one of the appendices, he talks about the challenge of translating Japanese, and offers up two sample translations of a paragraph in the Murakami short story “The 1963/1982 Girl from Ipanema.”... Continue Reading →

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