Monday Original Content: Interview with Misha’El, author of Qedem

This week’s original content, Charles Tan interviews Brazilian author Misha’El, author of the Spanish-language science fiction novel Qedem.

About the author:
Misha´El Yehudá, born in the neighborhood of Bethlehem in São Paulo in the Gregorian year 1966, is multi-instrumentalist musician (Trumpet and sax, drums and percussion, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and piano). Writer and poet, member of worldwide group Poetas Del Mundo, author of Q´balisti Science Fiction Chronicles Of Qédem. Mystical Hebrew, rabbi and founder president of the Kabbalistic Worldwide – Gará Kulam Moshav – Group Aisha Ha’Or and Hayk’la Arazuta d’Madvra (The Mystic Community Of The Desert). Humanist and pacifist, was appointed to be a member of the Poetas Del Mundo by  Universal Peace Ambassador, Dra. Delasniev Daspet Miranda, which is related with much love and respect. The Literary Work of Q´balist Science Fiction (The New Weird Science Fiction) will be launched soon in Europe, European Portuguese, by Antagonista S. Publishing, under the title “Qédem.” Dedicated student and practitioner of the Torah, he received the visits of “Maguidim Ha’Sodot Gan Eden (The Accountants of Secrets of the Garden of Eden) “in your dreams, who taught him profound secrets of the Torah. Misha’El is known throughout Brazil. He has disciples also in Europe and the Middle East.
As a musician is the creator and executor of the independent CD “Atik – Music of Distant Worlds.” The music CDs were created under the influence of the secret names of God, known only to Kabbalists. Each track has the name of one of the main stars of the most beautiful constellations in the galaxy.
Misha’El is also the author of the Screenplay to Movie “The Kabbalist” (not yet filmed) and director of the documentary Amalek – The Hidden Origins of Nazism.
Hi Misha ‘El! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, you’re a writer and and a poet and a musician. What made you decide to pursue these creative fields?

Hello! I do thank you for the wonderful opportunity. At ten years old, I was a trumpet player and played the second piston in a band. I felt I had talent for music, and then, I continue learning other instruments, adding a total of eight instruments.

How did you first get introduced to science fiction?
– the first book I read science fiction was “The Time Machine” by HG Wells. Furthermore, since little like the works of Jules Verne as “Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Earth to the Moon, etc.. I also read” encounters “and other works of the genre.
What made you decide to write science fiction?
– In 2006, I was introduced to the world of Dune by Frank Herbert. The work had a tremendous impact on my life, making further arouse the search for mysteries. Also, while I read Dune, I knew that much of what Frank Herbert codified in Dune, was also codified in the Zohar. So, it was fantastic energy hoarded inside me, growing every day. Today, I collect everything I can about the Dune, from DVDs to books, music, etc..
Could you tell us more about Chronicles of Qédem?
– Chronicles of Qédem is the product of the growth of my soul, and so mysterious that began with a powerful energy that threw me in the process of meditation for 21 days. In the end, I knew I must start writing. So I sold my piano to buy a notebook. I sat before him, and started to write and I never stopped. Even today, I’m still working on the Chronicles of Qédem. The last story I created for Qédem called “Chronicles of Akrav” and includes the birth, growth and maturity “Dan d’Akrav” whose homeworld is the planet “T3b” orbiting “Delta Scorpion.”
In your opinion, what sets your book apart from other novels?
– Qédem is a work full of codes “Chochmat this (Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah)”. You are divine in 32 “Sipurim (mystical tales)” and, in my humble opinion, it differs from other works by being perhaps the first work reportedly called “The Kabbalist Science Fiction.”
What were the challenges in writing the book?
There were many challenges. Since putting on paper all those worlds that were flowing in my mind at times of altered state of consciousness, dreams where I received characters, situations, mysteries and the voices of “counters secrets” which spoke to my ear when I was writing. Furthermore, the lack of a peaceful environment was a challenge because I had to “turn off” the noise around me. Another big challenge was that the HD of my notebook burned, but by a miracle, I managed to save the work.
How did Desert Moon and Antagonista S. Publisher become your publisher?
– Unfortunately, in Brazil, the publishers do not give value to Brazilian authors, and the Brazilian Science Fiction. But I persisted, making photocopies of the original and sent to the publishers, until I could publish. But I was not satisfied. Then started looking for opportunities to publish in Europe, and not by accident, I found a post of the Antagonist, and wrote to her. The editor then asked me a tale Qédem to read, and after that, he offered me a contract with Publisher Antagonist. In the words of my editor:
– “The Antagonist Publisher had the pleasure of celebrating, last November, the first author Lusophone Collection Mir: Misha’El Yehudah, Rabbi Brazilian mystic and Kabbalah scholar. An unusual choice, of course, also true is that the quality of the work presented spoke for itself and we dare not pass up the opportunity to include Rabbi Yehudah Misha’El in our repertoire of authors speaking. Initially we thought of refusing to work, since it exceeded, by far, the recommended size for a novel. The solution we found was that the work, whose title will announce in due course, will be our first “out-of collection” Mir, a solution which we find to publish works on a larger scale without the need to create a specific collection for them”.
What’s your overall plan and hope for the distribution of the Chronicles of Qédem?
– Ah! I have some dreams: In Portugal, published and distributed by the Antagonist, I would like to publish Qédem in French, English and in Hebrew. So my hope is that publishers in these countries offer me a contract one day. After that, of course, I would publish it in other languages.
How has your experiences–as a musician, rabbi, humanist, director etc.–influenced your writing?
– How has their experience – as a musician, a rabbi, humanist, etc. Director – influence your writing?
As a musician, every word that was being created, I had tons on my mind, a constant music in my soul, through which the worlds of  Qédem dancing. As a rabbi, the Wisdom of the Zohar, the ancient books as the “Sefer Ha-Razi’El Malach, Sefer Yetzirah, Bahir” were constantly influencing me. There is even a character made the story “The Lamp of Anwar” so-called “Bahir”, an old hermit who lived for 42,000 years in a sealed cave, guarding a mystery of the Lamp. As a humanist and pacifist, the question of love is very strong in the book
Anything else you want to mention?
– My editor, the antagonist, Flavio, was who I spoke of Lavie Tidhar. I then searched on google, and found about you on Wikipedia and also the site of WordPress. I must also thank him for “creating this opportunity”.

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