Ray Garraty interviews Russian fantasy writer Lena Meydan

Ray Garraty interviews Russian fantasy writer Lena Meydan, whose book Twilight Forever Rising is being released by Tor in September. Lena Meydan is a bestselling author in her native Russia and won the Silver Kaduzei, the highest literary award at the Star Bridge International Festival of Fantasy, for her first novel.  Her second novel, Twilight... Continue Reading →

The Return of Political Science Fiction in China?

Xujun Eberlein writes for Foreign Policy Magazine about a new Chinese SF novel that is taking China by storm. In the euphoric Beijing of 2013, Starbucks is Chinese-owned and called "Starbucks Wangwang." Its trademark drink is Longjing Latté, named for a famed Chinese tea. It is a place where Mr. Chen, an immigrant from Hong... Continue Reading →

James Lovegrove reviews four international SF novels for the Financial Times

British author James Lovegrove reviews four international novels this week for the Financial Times: The Quantum Thief, by Hannu Rajaniemi, Gollancz RRP£18.99, 266 pages Metro 2033, by Dmitry Glukhovsky, translated by Natasha Randall, Gollancz RRP£14.99, 458 pages Loups-Garous, by Natsuhiko Kyogoku, translated by Anne Ishii, Haika Soru RRP£9.99, 458 pages Escher’s Loops, by Zoran Zivkovic, translated by Alice... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Interview with Misha’El, author of Qedem

This week's original content, Charles Tan interviews Brazilian author Misha'El, author of the Spanish-language science fiction novel Qedem. About the author: * Misha´El Yehudá, born in the neighborhood of Bethlehem in São Paulo in the Gregorian year 1966, is multi-instrumentalist musician (Trumpet and sax, drums and percussion, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and piano). Writer and... Continue Reading →

European SF Award Nominations 2010 Announced

The 2010 nominees for the European SF Society Awards have been announced: Best Author Yana Dubinyanska - Ukraine Heidrun Jänchen oder Michael K. Iwoleit  - Germany Vadim Panov  - Russia Juraj Cervenak   - Slovakia (SK) George Lazar  - Romania Bertil Mårtensson  - Sweden Clelia Farris  - Italy Guido Eekhaut  - Dutch language, nominated by... Continue Reading →

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