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The European Science Fiction Society Awards 2010

Science Fiction Awards Watch has posted the winners of the ESFS Awards:

Hall of Fame Awards

  • Best Author: Stephen Baxter, Great Britain
  • Best Artist: Martina Pilcerova, Slovakia
  • Best Translator: Piotr Cholewa, Poland
  • Best Magazine: SRSFF, Romania
  • Best Publisher: Newcon Press, Great Britain
  • Best Promoter: Robert Zittnan, Slovakia

Spirit of Dedication Awards:

  • Artist: Lars Jacobsson, Sweden
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Fredrik Edin, Martin Hultman, Stig
    Larsson & Tarik Saleh for Metropia, Sweden
  • Best Fanzine: was not awarded

European Grand Master

Andrzej Sapkowski, Poland

Encouragement Awards

  • Natalya Shcherba, Ukraine
  • Karina Shainyan, Russia
  • Tamás Csepregi, Hungary
  • Michal Ivan, Slovakia
  • Luciana Brindusa Grosu, Romania
  • Maciej Guzek, Poland
  • Adrian Lazarovski, Bulgaria

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  1. Thank you very much for the informations concerning the 2010 ESFS Awards.
    Kindly correct the SRSFF name ! It was mentioned as SRSSF (Best Magazine: SRSSF, Romania)
    Our acronym, SRSFF stands for Societatea Romana de Science Fiction si Fantasy (Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society).

    And also please correct the first name of our young author, Luciana Brindusa Grosu. It was mentioned as
    Branduaya (Encouragement Awards: •Luciana Branduaya Grosu, Romania)!

    All the best to you !

    Comment by Cristian Tamas | September 2, 2010

  2. You missed Best Dmitry Mozhaev Award 🙂 Dmitry Mozhaev ogt it as encouragement award as promoter

    Comment by Boris Sidyuk | September 5, 2010

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