Short Story Highlight: “In Pacmandu” by Lavie Tidhar

Following closely on Lavie’s story at Strange Horizons, his latest, In Pacmandu, is now up at Futurismic:

‘It’s two-dee made to look like three-dee,’ Sergei says.

‘Freaky –‘ from Hong.

We look at each other. Our avatars look like dolls. We move jerkily. We are in an abandoned street. There are signs for products I have never heard of. Avatar corpses litter the street. The dead are everywhere, silent, motionless, frozen in the act of life. We are beyond the known worlds or – the thought strikes me hard. I know this place. I saw pictures, images in old textbooks, a lost world – impossible. We are not beyond the universe, I think, we are too deep inside it. Approaching the core. This is – can only be –

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