Announcing new English-French web magazine, Onirismes

We’re glad to announce the formation of a new French-English magazine, Onirismes, a “bilingual webzine dedicated to publishing short fiction and poetry that belong in the fields of speculative and fantastic literature (Fantasy, Science fiction, and all kinds of interstitial experiments).”

Based in France, Onirismes is currently looking for submissions. Stories will be published in both French and English.


Send all submissions to Submissions sent in any other way will simply be ignored. Please include your first and last name (and a pen name if you wish) with any submission. If some of your work has been published before, briefly tell us about it.

Word limit: Between 2000 and 4000 words for short stories. We have no fixed rule for poetry, just don’t send us the Iliad.

Rights: We claim exclusive world electronic rights (text and audio) for 6 months, then non-exclusive rights for a 2-year period. For that reason, a text submitted to Onirismesmust not have been published before, regardless of the medium.

Pay Rate: We pay €60 flat for short stories, €20 flat for poems.

Please send us ONE text at a time, and do not send queries until after a 30-day period has passed.

We’re especially sensitive to creative writing, and will focus on innovative works that demonstrate the unique voice of their writer.

To English speaking authors: please note that the publishing activity of Onirismes is regulated by French law.


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