2010 Geffen Awards Winners

The Geffen Awards are presented by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and are named after the late Amos Geffen, one of the first editors and translators of sci-fi in Israel.”

Here are the 2010 Award Winners:

  • Best Translated Science Fiction Book: Isaac Asimov’s Collected Short Stories, Vol. 1 (Moby Dick Publishing)
  • Best Translated Fantasy Book: Nation, Terry Prachett (Kidmat Eden Publishing)
  • Best Israeli Short Story: “Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes – Or the affair of the Fannington House Curse”, Vered Tochterman (Once Upon a Time in the Future)
  • Best Israeli Novel: To Be (Chong Levi’s Fifth) by Yoav Avni (Zmora Bitan Publishers)

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