Short Story Highlight: “Last Days” by Dave Chua

The latest issue of Chizine is now online, including a story from Singaporean writer Dave Chua, Last Days.

Ted’s car stalled at the top of the hill and rolled back into the clambering mass. We could hear his car honking and one of the neighbours told him to shut up.

Simon was trapped in the exercise room of the condo. He called to say goodbye and to forget the fifty dollars I owed him, but told me if I had paid him back he would have bought that Bowflex for his living room. He hung up saying he had other people to call and I wasn’t the last person he wanted to talk to.

I took the family photograph from the mantelpiece, so I could remember the boys as they were. Curious and kind, not like the last Thanksgiving; rebellious and stuck to their video games and mobile phones, unwilling to help their me in the lawn or their mom in the kitchen unless threatened with having their allowance or tuition fees docked.

We waited for Carl to call but he didn’t. We couldn’t get through to his phone.

We were thankful for a car with good MPG, even if the bumper dragged.

Jo said They couldn’t keep on walking like this without food. They had to have something to feed on. I asked him if he knew for sure They didn’t feed on each other in desperation.

You slept against my shoulder, tears still flowing from your eyes.

Max our cat kept silent for the journey. He didn’t even meow. He just looked tired.

We saw a helicopter fly past and when we waved and shouted at them it came back spraying bullets. Jo said the pilot was smoking cigars.

The 12-car pileup at the highway was a trap.

Stay together, Jo said. Always stick together. – continue reading.


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