An Interview with Charles Tan

Our own Charles Tan is interviewed by Harry Makov over at Temple Library Reviews:

I was an early reader but honestly didn’t become acquainted with genre until my early teens. As a child, I was interested in dinosaurs and mythology, but didn’t really end up reading novels. Instead, I grew up reading gaming magazines. Later on, some of these magazines had pop culture references to authors like Tolkien and Lovecraft, and that certainly piqued my interest. – read the full interview.

I think the trigger for me being the person you now know me is due to my decision to pursue becoming a writer (as opposed to simply being a reader). It was that shift that enabled me to be more critical of what I read, as well as to open up myself to possibilities, instead of simply reading what I was previously reading. It also helped that the Philippine bookstore scene was changing then as in the 80’s and early 90’s, readers here had to settle for whatever the bookstore monopoly imported.


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