Special Promotion for WSB Readers!

We know that, despite everything, some of you still don’t have copies of The Apex Book of World SF. And, with volume 2 coming next year, we really, really want you to have them both.

So we had a chat with our publishers, and they agreed with us that you, our loyal readers, and all your friends, and relatives, and co-workers, and even that guy you don’t like who works down in the second cubicle on the left and who never waters the plants, even he, they all deserve a copy.

And we want to make our publisher-in-chief happy this month. He’s got 3 kids! Which is a source of great joy but also means he hasn’t slept for at least two years.

In fact, we want everyone in the world to be happy. We’re just that kind of people!

So, for the next two weeks, we’re having a special sale on The Apex Book of World SF.

For the next two weeks, you can get a copy of the trade paperback edition (priced at $18.95) at only $12. Just click on the link and, when going to buy a copy, enter the code: WSF12.

And if you prefer a handy, light-weight, electronic edition, we’ve brought down the price from $4.99 to only $2.99. Just click on the link and enter the code: eWSF299.

Because we really, really want you to have a copy. And we believe in supporting small publishers, and ordering direct when possible, and we believe it’s a book you should read. Honest. So please spread the word! And click on the link. And, hey, maybe get your mum a copy. Why not make your mum happy, too?

The Apex Book of World SF, trade paperback edition. $12. Enter the code: WSF12.

The Apex Book of World SF, e-book edition. $2.99. Enter the code: eWSF299.

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