Cultural Identity and Steampunk have a great post by Ay-Leen the Peacemaker on The Ao Dai and I: A Personal Essay on Cultural Identity and Steampunk:

Steampunk can be more than simple cultural nostalgia about the way things were or a rebellion against the past (which, unless we really are time travelers, is nothing more than an intellectual exercise). Steampunk is ourselves today, holding the past in our hands, and asking, “How did we get here?” It can be as tangible as gears and dirt and cloth. It’s how we present ourselves, even if we come with nothing but the clothes on our backs. – read the full article!

2 thoughts on “Cultural Identity and Steampunk

  1. I’ve been really impressed about some of the essays I’ve read by Ay-Leen the Peacemaker and other fans (dhole comes to mind) about Steampunk. I haven’t been a “media fan” (someone who watched and enjoyed lots of movies or tv series), since I was a teenager, but over the past several years I’ve come to discover that fans many of the “literary sf fans” I know dismiss as shallow kids are really my kind of people! (I put the terms in scare quotes because, in my admittedly limited knowledge, I think they’re both not terribly useful and kinda pigeonholing).

    YAY for essays like this!

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