Ignotus Awards 2010

Over at Sue Burke’s blog, she posted the results of the Ignotus Awards. In her own words:

“The Ignotus Award is Spain’s equivalent to the Hugo, awarded at the annual convention, called Hispacon, sponsored by the Asociación Española de Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción y Terror. The 2010 awards were presented October 11 during Hispacon XXVIII, held this year in Burjassot, Valencia.

Here are the winners:

Best novel:
Última noche de Hipatia (The Last Night of Hypatia), by Eduardo Vaquerizo.

Best Novella:
“La cosecha del centauro” (“The Harvest of the Centaur”), by Eduardo Gallego and Guillem Sánchez.

Best Short Story:
“Victimas Inocentes” (“Innocent Victims”) by David Jasso.

Best Anthology:
De mecánica y alquimia (Of Mechanics and Alchemy) by Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel.

Best Nonfiction Book:
W de Watchmen (W for Watchmen), by Rafael Marín.

Best Article:
“La historia que no fue: a propósito de ‘Cuatro siglos de buen gobierno’ y la otra historia de Nilo María Fabra” (“The Story That Never Was: regarding ‘Four Centuries of Good Government” and the other story by Nilo María Fabra”), by Alfonso Merelo.

Best Illustration:
El adepto de la reina (The Queen’s Adept), by Alejandro Terán (Sportula).

Best Audiovisual Production:
Planet51, by Jorge Blanco and Javier Abad.

Best Comic:
Las calles de arena (The Streets of Sand), by Paco Roca.

Best Poetic Work:
“Napalm Satori,” by Francisco Javier Pérez.

Best Magazine:
Calabazas en el trastero (Pumpkins in the Back Room).

Best Foreign Novel:
Diáspora, by Greg Egan.

Best Foreign Short Story:
“El imperio invisible” (“The Invisible Empire”), by John Kessel.

Best Website:
NGC 3660 http://www.ngc3660.es

Domingo Santos Award:
“El Taxidermista De Bradomín” (The Taxidermist of Brandomin”) by Javier Molina Palomino.

RetroIgnotus Award 1988:
Hijos de la Eternidad (Sons of Eternity) by Javier Redal and Juan Miguel Aguilera, a landmark space opera.



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