Tuesday Fiction: “Mélanie” by Aliette de Bodard

It's finally here! For the next two months, at least, we'll be publishing one short story every Tuesday here at the WSB. We've got stories lined up for you from South Africa, Israel, Brazil, India, the UK and elsewhere. If you'd like to send us a story, drop us a line at worldsfblog@gmail.com! We're starting... Continue Reading →

The Portal Archive: Mount København

Kasper Colling Nielsen: Mount København. Publisher: Gyldendal, 2010. 176 pages, DKK 229. Kasper Colling Nielsen’s debut book Mount København [Mount Copenhagen] is a wonderfully lopsided, indefinable work. The basic idea is wholly implausible: In 200 years, an 11.500 ft. mountain is erected in Denmark just south of Copenhagen. This mountain now serves as a backdrop... Continue Reading →

The Portal Archive: Ideomancer, Vol. 9, Issue 3: September 2010

Leah Bobet’s editorial for the September issue of Ideomancer is interesting because it helps to give shape to this quarter’s selection of stories, identifying a common thread linking the three pieces – namely, the subject of relationships. But what’s also interesting to me is that, having now read the stories, I wouldn’t necessarily characterise them... Continue Reading →

The Portal Archive: Some sort of introduction to Danish science fiction

With only 5,5 million inhabitants, speaking their own language, and with a long history of maintaining a mono-ethnic culture, Danish science fiction literature is in every way a small subject for study. Some attempts have been made to publish a science fiction magazine, but invariably they meet bankruptcy fast, or turn into very small-circulation fanzines. As science... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Worldcon Report, by Ika Koeck

Young Malaysian writer Ika Koeck has recently visited her first Worldcon, in Australia. She reports... Looking at Worldcon 2010 through Myopic, Malaysian, and Newbie lenses By Ika Koeck Being way out here in Malaysia where the fantasy/sci-fi writing community is small and conventions are practically nonexistent seeded my desire to attend such an event someday.... Continue Reading →

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