Lavie Tidhar’s An Occupation of Angels launched!

Presenting An Occupation of Angels by Lavie Tidhar.

Here’s how you can participate in the celebration:

Check out the author interview.

Read the sample chapter we have posted. (Coming shortly)

Catch the #apexchat on Twitter. Apex Assistant Editor @JenniferBrozek will be hosting the discussion with Author @LavieTidhar. The chats last an hour.  Anyone can chime in as well.One lucky participant from each will be drawn at random to receive an autographed book. Chat #1 is scheduled for 9am PST/4pm UK and Chat #2 is scheduled for 3pm PST/10pm UK. When you stop by Twitter just search for the #apexchat hashtag.

We will be posting the Amazon rank as it climbs. Keep an eye out for these ranking posts and cheer us on.

Boost the signal for the launch, the Twitter chats/book drawings, the interview, the sample chapter, and the sales rankings posts. Also if you see related posts out in the wild, boost the signal for those as well.  (Feel free to leave us link love in the comments below.)

Grab a copy of your own (Paperback or Kindle). If you buy from today, you will be contributing to the book’s climb in the rankings. You can also purchase directly from the Apex Book Store where additional ebook formats are available.


An Occupation of Angels Cover art by Vitaly S. Alexius

After Archangels materialise over the bloodbaths of WWII, they take up residence in most of the world’s major cities. But what would happen if, more than quarter of a century later, something somehow managed to kill these supreme beings? Killarney knows and, as an agent working for the Bureau, a British agency that’s so secret it doesn’t officially exist, she finds herself embroiled in the consequences as, one by one, the Archangels die.

Assigned to trace a missing cryptographer thought to have information on the murders, she travels from England, through France, heading for the frozen wastes of the USSR. But there’s an unknown third party intent on stopping her, and there’s God, who also has an agenda. Not knowing who is friend and who is foe, and with only a brief glimpse of a swastika on angel wings as solid information, Killarney struggles to remain alive long enough to glean sufficient information to put together the pieces of the puzzle and complete what is, without them, an impossible mission.

“Sharp, brutal, cool–yet also stunningly imaginative and perfectly realised.”
–Michael Marshall, bestselling author of The Straw Men trilogy


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