Rise of an Angel: SF novel set in Future Indonesia

Indonesian author Oscar Simanjuntak has been in touch to tell us of his first novel, Rise of an Angel, set in 2180 Indonesia and now made available on Amazon Kindle.

Jonathan Iveron was only a military captain when he stumbled upon a great artifact. It imbued him with a strange power that no one in the world could understand.

Ever since then his life was never the same again. Invited to join the ranks of a secretive order of ‘Angel units’, he would soon stumble upon a terrible plot behind the artifact to overthrow the goverment. It was then up to him to stop the unseen enemies and save an entire Nation…

Enter a world of epic and futuristic action and adventure as Jonathan Iveron discovers his fate among the super beings known as the “Angel units” and travels around the exotic country of Indonesia in the year 2180 to discover the true secrets of the mysterious Valadar medallion.

This is the first in a projected series. Simanjuntak, who self-published the novel as an experiment,  is currently looking for representation while working on the second novel in the sequence.


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