Romanian SF&F Awards Announced

The Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society (SRSFF)  Awards 2010

Friday, November the 19th 2010, at  the Gaudeamus International Book Fair (Bucharest, Romania), were awarded the SRSFF (Societatea Romana de Science Fiction si Fantasy) 2010 prizes.
These awards are meant to highlight the efforts of those who, during the year promoted and contributed to the romanian science fiction .

This year five awards were given as follows:
• Best author  –  Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
• Best artist  –  Alex Popescu
• Best translator –  Mihai Dan Pavelescu
• Best journalist  –  Stefan Ghidoveanu
• Best publisher  – Nemira Publishing Press

Cristian Mihail Teodorescu, Ștefan Ghidoveanu, Mihai Dan Pavelescu, Vlad Puescu (editura Nemira), Alex Popescu.

In SRSFF’s view, these awards represent the quality benchmarks of the romanian SF for the current year.
The jury was composed of Danut Ungureanu, Marian Truta, Feri Balin, Cristian Tamas and Sorin Camner.

One of the goals of the Romanian Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy is to recognize and support the values of the Romanian SF.
Therefore the SRSFF awards, by the end of each year, a series of awards to highlight and reward the efforts of those who have made significant contributions to the Romanian SF.
The first SRSFF Awards had been held on November 28, 2009 at Gaudeamus, the International Book Fair, in Bucharest, Romania.

Through these awards we want to cover as large an area of fandom activity. Therefore we will not only limit to the the awarding of literary productions. We are convinced that the SRSFF Awards are at the end of each year, a notable event for all fans of science fiction and fantasy in Romania.

The SRSFF Awards poster was created by the digital artist Alex Smith, whom we thank in particular. The design awards diplomas and trophies were made by Viorel Pîrligras, whom we thank very much.


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  1. Please move it to right place:


    From November 11 to November 14 in Kiev a convention called SF Days took place as joined event with the Medvin Autumn Book Fair.


    Novel: Alumen. Book 3: Life Gear by H.L. Oldie and Andrey Valentinov
    Novella: Time for Jabberwocky by Dmitry Kolodan
    Short Story: Roundabout by H.L. Oldie
    Translated Book: Eifelheim by Michael Flynn, translated by A. Bodrov
    Non-Fiction: Out of Conscience by Maria Galina
    Best Book in Ukrainian: The First Printer Revenge by Stanislav Rosovetsky

    SF Days contests winners:
    Ukrainian Alternative History:
    First: A Colonel and a Girl by Julia Siromolot
    Second: Vacant Cell by Juliana Lebedynska
    Third: Steam Age by Igor Silivra
    Ukrainian Fantasy:
    The Petrenchuk’s House by Zinaida Lutsenko

    Star Fortress Award (by Star Fortress website and community):
    First: Mister and Mistress Orf by Drakon UFO
    Second: Time Hunters by Kostantyn Kozyriev
    Third: Magician by Igor Silivra
    Encouragement: The Last Enemy by Oleg Subchak

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