Working Bibliography of Arab SF/Fantasy

Over at Eastwords, a working bibliography of Arab science fiction and fantasy! It’s quite short at the moment, but here’s hoping it grows. Also includes works by Apex Book of World SF contributor Jamil Nasir.

Mustafa Mahmud The Spider (1964) A Man Under Zero Egypt (1967)

Mohammed Aziz al-Habbabi The Elixir Morocco (1974)
Mohammed Abdelsalam al-Baqqali The Blue Flood Morocco (1979)
Kassem al-Khattat The Green Stain Iraq(1984)
Muwaffaq Uays Mahmud She Pulsates with Life Iraq(1987)
Ali Karim Kathem The Green Planet Iraq (1987)
Taleb Omaran, Syria  Planet of Dreams (1978) In Transit Behind the Sun (1979),  Secrets from the City of Wisdom (1985), There are no Poor People on the Moon (1995)
Ahmad Suwailem Travels and Medals (1983), Splinters (1994)

Yousef Al Kewary From the Notebook of an Unborn Man Tripoli, Libya 1971

Abdulhakim Al Tawiel A Faith Problem Tripoli, Libya 2006

Jamal Abuzaid Journey of Illusion London 2009

Jamil Nasir Quasar (1995) The Higher Space (1996) Tower of Dreams (1999) Distance Haze (2000)The Houses of Time (2008)

Nihad Sharif A Woman in A Flying Saucer (?)

Omayma Khafaji The Crime of a World (1992)
Tiba Ahmad al-Ibrahim The Multiple Man Kuwait (1992)

Jamshed Akhtar Ultimate Revelations (1997)

Ashraf Faqih Ghosthunters (1997) Yearning for the Stars (2000)

Writers with SF Themes

Kassem Kassem
Mustafa al-Kailani
Abdallah Khalifa
Mussa Oald Ibno
Sulaiman Mohammed al-Khalil
Lina Kailani



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