Anil Menon’s The Beast with Nine Billion Feet now available for Kindle

Anil Menon‘s YA science fiction novel, The Beast with Nine Billion Feet, set in a wonderful futuristic India, is now available as an e-book on Amazon.

About the book:

Set in Pune, India in the year 2040 AD, this novel, by one of India’s best new speculative fiction writers, explores growing up in a world where grown-ups are not to be trusted. Thirteen-year old Tara and her troubled elder brother Aditya struggle with the controversial political legacy of their brilliant father,the radical geneticist, Sivan. When Tara makes two new mysterious friends Ria and Francis, from “a place near Sweden,” the past catches up with the future. Why are Tara’s new friends so freaked by the night sky? Is their strange and beautiful mother, Mandira, friend or foe? Why is she so interested in Aditya? Where is Sivan? And what, exactly, is the beast with nine billion feet?

Tara and Aditya find themselves on very different tracks, caught up in a deadly game – a struggle for power and control, a fight for the shape of life itself. In the ‘here and now’ of Anil Menon’s brilliant and disturbing debut novel, the future itself is at stake.

Rich in ideas, sparkling with wit, and guaranteed to entertain, The Beast With Nine Billion Feet, marks a new era in Indian speculative fiction.

Get the paperback on Amazon, or get an e-book edition for the Kindle!


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