8 Days of Hannukah Posts at SFF Chat

Israel-based SF review blog SFF Chat is hosting an 8 Days of Hannukah marathon with Jewish writers and editors (while giving away books!).

Check them out:

Day 1 – Interview with Jane Yolen

Day 2 – Guest post on Jewish SF&F, by David Brin

Day 3 – Guest post, Psychics, Vampires, Jews, and Other Rarities, by Ari Marmell

Day 4 – The Book by Lavie Tidhar (original flash story)

Day 5 – An interview with Ann VanderMeer

Day 6 – Guest post on Jewish SF&F by Kate Elliott

Day 7 – Thoughts on Jewish Identity, Jewish Fantasy, and People of the Book: a Decade of Jewish Science Fiction & Fantasy, by Rachel Swirsky

Tune in tomorrow to SFF Chat for the final post – and enter each of the competitions to win a book by one of the authors!


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