Profile on Yasutaka Tsutsui

Over at Salon Futura, Jonathan Clements profiles Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutsui. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite enjoying superstar status as one of the “Big Three” of Japanese science fiction, Tsutsui remains relatively obscure in the English-speaking world, with only a few novels (Paprika [Purchase], The Maid [Purchase] and Hell [Purchase]) and a handful of short stories. He is substantially better known in France, where he has been decorated as a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters, and several of his more complex works are available in the local language. Many Anglophone fans have only encountered him through the adaptations of his works into anime, such as the dreamscape investigations of Paprika, or the bittersweet classroom comedy of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


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