Author Week #1: Ekaterina Sedia!

I’m glad to introduce a new feature here at the World SF Blog: Author Week, a week-long celebration of an international author. We kick off this week with our first featured author, Ekaterina Sedia. Born and raised in Russia, and now living in the United States, she is the author of novels According to Crow (2005), The Secret History of Moscow (2007), The Alchemy of Stone (2008), and The House of Discarded Dreams (2010). She has also edited the World Fantasy Award winning anthology, Paper Cities (2008), and anthology Running with the Pack (2010).

This week we’ll have an exclusive interview with Sedia; a short story; a review of her latest novel, The House of Discarded Dreams; a guest-post by Sedia; and, finally, a book giveaway!

Three readers can have the chance to win one of Ekaterina Sedia’s books. We have copies available of House of Discarded Dreams, Alchemy of Stone, The Secret History of Moscow and of Running with the Pack. To win one of these, simply leave your name and e-mail address in the comments to this post, as well as specifying which title you would like. Winners will be chosen at random and announced at the end of the week. This post will remain up until then.

We hope you enjoy!


33 thoughts on “Author Week #1: Ekaterina Sedia!

  1. I would love to read “The House of Discarded Dreams”.
    The synopsis is great! And shame on me for not knowing this author!

  2. I love Ekaterina Sedia’s works. She is an excellent writer and I am looking forward to this week. It looks awesome.
    Please sign me in the competition too, because I would certainly like a copy of “Running with the Pack” 🙂

  3. Running with the Pack would be great to get. I have Secret History of Moscow to read on my vacation.

  4. “According to Crow” sounds fascinating. I really enjoyed “Running with the Pack,” so I’m curious to read some of her work.

  5. I’m already a big fan of Sedia’s work, the novels which I enjoyed (bar According To Crow which I have yet to get) and the short fiction.
    Looking forward to this week…

  6. Oh, how dare you make me chose which one I want most…I’m torn between Moscow and Alchemy…

    I guess I’ll pick Alchemy, since that’s one I should have read a long time ago :P.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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