The Warbler’s Nest by Jason McIntosh

"The Warbler's Nest" is Jason McIntosh's entry to the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition. The game tied for ninth place in the competition, which surprised me, since I felt it was a better piece than several submitted works (at least, the works that I played) which finished ahead of it. Categorized as 'horror' and headlined as... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Fiction: “LAPINS” by Michael Haulica

LAPINS By Michael Haulica Translated by Adriana Mosoiu   It was one of the most select restaurants of Time. Beyond Knot Pitt, marked on any chronotopic map of the Tourism Special Offices, one could enter a huge Gothic hallway with walls in massive rock having icy colours that iterative reverberated the chords of the famous... Continue Reading →

Czech SF Magazine Ikarie Shuts Down; But XB-1 Is Born

Jason Sanford reports on the recent closure of long-time Czech SF magazine Ikarie. Sanford writes: Sad news from overseas: The groundbreaking Czech SF magazine Ikarie has shut down after over 20 years of publishing and 247 issues. Former Ikarie editor Martin Šust shared the news with me yesterday. Their last issue was published in November 2010. According... Continue Reading →

Dark Spires

The publisher, Cheryl Morgan, has this to say about Dark Spires: I’m not going to wax lyrical about its chances in awards, because it is not that sort of book. Dark Spires was not created to compete with the blockbuster anthologies produced by the likes of Ellen Datlow or Jonathan Strahan. ... Rather it was... Continue Reading →

New Scientist, Flash Fiction Competition 2010

New Scientist is a for-profit popular science magazine, published since 1956, based in the UK. I find it easier to describe this magazine in negatives: it isn't a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and it doesn't specialize in one particular scientific field. The paper edition is accompanied by a comprehensive web site ( which offers up-to-date news... Continue Reading →

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