Editors’ Note, March 2011

Welcome, readers.

This month we’re planning to bring you an overview on the past forty years of Hungarian fantasy, Mike Hilborn’s review of Aotearoa (which swept this year’s XYZZY Awards), Valentin D. Ivanov’s musings on classic Soviet science fiction, and Miguel Esquirol’s thoughts on Quechuan proto-sf. We’ll also start offering translations of articles about Russian genre fiction from French review site Russkaya Fantastika either this month or next. In addition, we’ll have coverage of the IF mini-convention concurrent with PAX East, starting with an interview with Nick Montfort, creator of Curveship, and two excerpts from the recently released IF Theory Reader.

Want to join us? See this page with info for potential coordinators, bureau heads, and reviewers.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Val Grimm, Editor-in-Chief
Elizabeth A. Allen, Editor


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