Interview with Italian author Alberto Cola

The Portal interview Italian science fiction author Alberto Cola, winner of the Premio Urania award.

Alberto Cola, born in 1967, as Italian science fiction author, has just been awarded the latest Premio Urania for his new novel Lazarus, now published by Mondadori in Italy.

FT: Hello Alberto, and welcome to The Portal. Your third novel, Lazarus, has recently been awarded the Premio Urania, the most important award for science fiction novels in Italy. Let’s begin with the motivation for the Award: “Superior style and excellent imaginativeness, the creation of a technological society where the return of the dead is a premise to a troublesome investigation on our future.” It looks like this novel is mixing science fiction and horror themes. Which direction is science fiction going today from your point of view? And what differences, if any, are there between Italy and the English-speaking world?

Alberto Cola

AC: Hi all. Honestly I don’t think there are real horror elements inside this novel. Maybe there’s just a bit of that good kind of science fiction that typically mirrors our fears and questions that we don’t find the right answers to. I need to admit I enjoy writing without strict definition of genre, and my works probably “suffer” from a certain medley of different genres, even if this novel is probably not the case. I think mixing is the true safe-conduct to genre fiction, and making experiments to sweep readers away with more and more random coordinates where a story is set will be a real panacea for this kind of literature. From this perspective, the English-speaking world is doubtlessly much opener than Italy. – continue reading.



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