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African SF project “The Chimurenga Chronicle” seeking micro-fiction submissions

From Chimurenga:

call for classifieds

Chimurenga Magazine’s next publishing project is The Chimurenga Chronicle – a once-off, one-day-only edition of a speculative, future-forward newspaper that travels back in time to re-imagine the present.

Produced in collaboration with Nigeria’s Cassava Republic Press and Kenya’s Kwani?, it is a multi-section broadsheet with news, long-form journalism, comics, sport, art etc. and 100-page books magazine to be released in September 2011, in numerous African cities.

The current tools we have at our disposal, particularly in the area of knowledge production and dissemination, don’t help much to grasp contemporary reality. What we need is a Time Machine! A device that will allow us to understand the numerous different temporalities, dispersed entanglements and overlapping time-spaces that define today.

The Chimurenga Chronicle is one such machine. Back-dated to the week May 18-24 2008, it’s situated during the first week of the so-called xenophobic violence in South Africa, two years ago – but it focuses outward, covering the events, scenes and situations around the world during this period.

As part of the project we view the newspaper classifieds section as a literary and art platform; a public space that delights in prescience, precision, and provocation and uses wit as a formidable weapon against the tyranny of everyday banality. Yes, it sells out – it sells out big. It sells everything from undying love, to first editions of Fanon, from rhetorical job offers to shards of hope.

We therefore invite submission of nano-novelsmicro-art worksflash poetryphilosophical aphorismminima moralia,haikus of the heart, found objects and more, for sections including saleswantedservicesjobspersonals andobituaries.

All classifieds submitted should be no longer than 50 words and should relate to the week May 18-24 2008.

Email for queries.



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