India’s first ComiCon

CNN reports on India’s first Comic Con:

India’s first comic convention wouldn’t have been born if Jatin Verma and his team of graphic geeks hadn’t forgotten to get travel visas.

“After we collected the money for the San Diego Comic Con, we realized we had no visas. So we decided to bring the comic con to us,” says Verma, CEO TwentyOnwards Media.

The idea turned into Comic Con India, a convention at urban fairground Dilli Haat in New Delhi with its usual fare of rural artisans and craftspeople.

Verma says it was a perfect location because they wanted that kind of “walk-in public.”

They were looking for comic virgins to rediscover Indian comics with a vernacular focus.

In all, some 15,000 fans, geeks, nerds and a whole lot of costumed freaks turned up.  – continue reading.

Our friends from Blaft Publications also attended!


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