Werewolves in Singapore! Joyce Chng’s Wolf at the Door released

WSB contributor, Singaporean writer Joyce Chng’s new novel, Wolf at the Door, has just been released!

Singapore, 27 February 2011 – A rocky relationship between you and your sister may result in more bloodshed than you think – especially if the two of you happen to be werewolves. J Damask [Chng] has come out to tell a tale of the four animal clans – Wolf (狼), Dragon (龍), Phoenix (鳳) and Tiger (虎), all in the Urban Fantasy, “Wolf at the Door” set right at home in Singapore.

The book is released April 4.

Published by Lyrical Press, Wolf at the Door is J Damask‟s first full-length Urban Fantasy novel set in Singapore. The story revolves around female protagonist Jan Xu, a Chinese werewolf from the Wolf clan, out to resolve a rocky relationship with her sister Marianne before they end up engaging in a tooth and claw fight to their deaths.

“I wanted to challenge myself to write an urban fantasy set in Singapore,” Damask commented. Having various short stories and novellas already under her belt, Damask‟s challenge presented her with a motivation to write Wolf at the Door.

Damask is also an active member of the Singapore Chapter for the National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), organised by the Office of Letters and Light in California, USA. Going back the forum name “jolantru_blackwolf”, Wolf at the Door was actually an attempt at Nanowrimo that evolved.

“I actually started writing it for Nanowrimo 2009,” Damask said.

Wolf at the Door will be available on Lyrical Press, Amazon and Fictionwise for $4.50 from 4th of April 2011.

Website: http://awolfstale.wordpress.com


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