We Interrupt Regular Broadcasting…

Apologies for intruding – we’ll be back next week with, just possibly, a new Author Week – though Charles will be taking over the blog for most of April (shh – he doesn’t know yet!) as I jetset off to the UK to sign copies of my latest novel, Camera Obscura, officially out yesterday in the UK and in only two weeks in the United States!

When a body is discovered gruesomely mutilated in an apartment on Paris’ Rue Morgue, it is up to the 6-foot tall, Dahomey-born Milady de Winter to hunt for the murderer. Someone had implanted an object of mythical power in the dead man’s stomach – an object now missing…

Her quest leads Milady across the seedy night spots and opium dens of the city, from Montmarte Cemetery to the hidden underworld of Paris – and to a confrontation with a killer who is no longer human.

Wounded, hurt, Milady pursues her quarry on a road leading from Paris to the New World and to the wonders of a new age, following both a murderer and a mystery – an object of possible alien origin lost, years before, in the jungles of Asia, and protected by the legendary Shaolin. But will finding it bring with it redemption – or a terrible apocalypse?

A lone woman stands between humanity and a threat from the stars…

I’ll also be at Eastercon in Birmingham this year, so if you happen to be in the UK and want to say hello, this is where I’ll be:

  • Sunday 17th April :  12.00pm  – Waterstones, The Bentalls Centre, 9 Wood Street, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
  • Tuesday 19th April :  18:00 –  Forbidden Planet, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue,London, WC2H 8JR

Anyway, just to make things worse, I have another book out this month – this time it’s the “guns & sorcery” novella Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God from PS Publishing in the UK (note the links may not work temporarily as the PS site is being upgraded). It’s available as a hardcover or a signed jacketed hardcover limited to just 100 copies. Check it out if you like, I hope both books are a lot of fun.

A legend tells of the Mirror of Falang-Et: a magical object in the city of the frog tribes, which can tell all manner of truths…

There is only one truth Gorel of Goliris – gunslinger, addict, touched by the Black Kiss – is interested in: finding a way back home, to the great empire from which he had been stolen as a child and from which he had been flung, by sorcery, far across the World.

It started out simple: get to Falang-Et, find the mirror, find what truth it may hold. But nothing is simple for Gorel of Goliris… When Gorel forms an uneasy alliance – and ménage à trois – with an Avian spy and a half-Merlangai thief, things only start to get complicated. Add a murdered merchant, the deadly Mothers of the House of Jade, the rivalry of gods and the machinations of a rising Dark Lord bent on conquest, and things start to get out of hand. Only one thing’s for sure: by the time this is over, there will be blood.

Not to mention sex and drugs… or guns and sorcery.

So, again apologies for intruding into regular programming – we’ll be back on Monday!


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