Bestselling Genre Fiction in Russia

Pornokitsch has a write-up of the seminar entitled Bestselling Genre Fiction in Russia which was held at the London Book Fair. It includes panelists Sergey Lukyanenko, Tatiana Ustinova and Dmitry Glukhovsky. Here’s an excerpt:

On influences:

Dmitry Glukhovsky stated that he was more influenced by Latin writers than Russian ones, although many of the Russian SF writers are incredibly important – specifically Mikhail Bulgakov and the Strugatsky brothers.

Sergey Lukyanenko was more of a classicist (in Western terms) and cited both English (Dickens – The Pickwick Papers) and French (Hugo – Les Miserables) influences. As a child, he would read these and then “reload” himself back into Russia with Chekhov. He also cited the Strugatsky brothers as a genre influence, as well as Ray Bradbury and Robert Sheckley.

Tatiana Ustinova suggested that the reading experience was a universal one. “Children everywhere read the same books…” starting with fairy tales (“men and trolls”), then moving to science fiction, then girls read about love and boys about war. “This will never change.”


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  1. Thank you very much for the link. It was an absolutely fascinating panel. The Russian focus of the London Book Fair was really positively received, there were amazing people and panels all around…

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