Inter Nova Looking for Cyberpunk Essays

Inter Nova, the international science fiction magazine, is looking for cyberpunk articles. Here’s their open call:

The original Cyberpunk – initiated by William Gibson and picked up by Bruce Sterling, Pat Cadigan, Tom Maddox, Lewis Shiner and others –  may have been a short-living movement in Science Fiction that lost its impetus after a few years. The plot vehicles and, maybe even more, the aesthetics of Cyberpunk, however, have left deep marks on the genre and all over the world writers have continued the Cyberpunk tradition in their own ways. In a special feature scheduled for mid June we will present a selection of international Cyberpunk stories with contributions from six countries. For the nonfiction section we are still looking for essays and articles that explore Cyberpunk and associated topics from the view of countries and writers outside of the English-speaking world. Submissions are welcome.

Submissions should be sent to (be sure to read the submission guidelines).


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