Bestselling Genre Fiction in Russia

Pornokitsch has a write-up of the seminar entitled Bestselling Genre Fiction in Russia which was held at the London Book Fair. It includes panelists Sergey Lukyanenko, Tatiana Ustinova and Dmitry Glukhovsky. Here's an excerpt: On influences: Dmitry Glukhovsky stated that he was more influenced by Latin writers than Russian ones, although many of the Russian SF writers... Continue Reading →

World SF Books in English 2010

Hopefully complementary to Jeff VanderMeer's An Overview of International Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2010, here's a round-up of books (in English) that were published last year that you might want to check out. And since we’re not omniscient (well, I’m not, I don’t know about Lavie...), feel free to include your recommendations in the comments.... Continue Reading →

An Overview of International Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2010

Jeff VanderMeer, S. Boyd Taylor, and various contributors (including Lavie and myself) are part of Locus Online's An Overview of International Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2010. If you're curious as to what was published last year, do check out that article. Here's an excerpt: Although my year’s best selections included some international fiction, I thought... Continue Reading →

Just a note…

Lavie will be in the UK from next week - you can catch up with him at Eastercon, and he will also be signing new novel Camera Obscura at Forbidden Planet. Seeing as he's adamant not to do any work, Charles will be running the blog in the meantime!

Guest Post: Science Fiction Can Be Glorious Again, by Guy Hasson (Author Week #2)

SF Can Be Glorious Again by Guy Hasson When you write articles like this one you have to be respectable. You’re an author, after all. I’ve written many articles in the weeks leading to the release of Secret Thoughts, my new book, and they’ve all been respectable, respectful, and mindful. The more I wrote them,... Continue Reading →

Guy Hasson’s Secret Thoughts, Reviewed by Anil Menon (Author Week #2)

Guy Hasson: Secret Thoughts Review by Anil Menon   Since intimacy and secrecy  are all but inseparable, it’s no surprise that Guy Hasson’s “Secret Thoughts,” a collection of three novellas, is also a triad if stories about intimacy. The novellas consider intimacy in three distinct contexts: the living past, the Other, and the possible future.... Continue Reading →

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