The Ion Hobana Awards

From Cristian Tamas (Romanian Science Fiction&Fantasy Society)

Established in the memory of Ion Hobana (1931-2011), a well known romanian scholar and SF writer, “one of Romania’s academic SF grandmasters (Romania’s greatest SF academic)” as Jonathan Cowie said,  the yearly Ion Hobana Awards presented for the first time this year, had been granted by the Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy Society and the Romanian Writers Union (Bucharest Branch) with the occasion of the Ion Hobana Colloquium, “The Time and Times of Fiction”, Bucharest, Romania,  May 7th, 2011.

The winners are :

  • Mircea Oprita : The Ion Hobana Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Cristian Mihail Teodorescu : The Ion Hobana Award for the best SF novel in 2010 (“SF Two”)
  • Liviu Radu : The Ion Hobana Award for the Best Fantasy Novel in 2010 (“The World of Waldemar”)
  • Bogdan Catalin Mereuta : The Ion Hobana Award for A Young Hope/Debut under 35 years (the recipient is 13 years old and he had succeded to publish in 2010 a SF novel, “The Virtual Warriors”)

The Ion Hobana Awards had been sponsored by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

The Ion Hobana Award Winners


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