The Guardian is “Putting South African science fiction on the map”

Over at the Guardian, a nice article on South African science fiction:

As you might expect, a lot of South African writing is informed by the country’s own recent history – how could it fail to be? Apartheid rears its head in one form or another both in Zoo City, where the animalled are segregated, and in The Mall, where the “browns” find their way from our world to the book’s nightmarish mirror-world. And that, perhaps, is part of the attraction: speculative fiction works best when it refracts real life through a fantastical lens, and magnifies, and perhaps tries to make sense of, the mundane. South Africa has had a lot of real life in the past few decades.

Beukes is certainly doing her bit to put South African SF on the map. With SL Grey coming up next and their fellow authors grabbing a lot of attention, it might well be that South African spec fiction is going to be this year’s Scandinavian crime novel scene for British readers. – read the full article.


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