The Man Booker Not-So-International Prize?

American author Philip Roth was awarded the Man Booker International Prize this week. The award is worth £60,000. The Guardian reports that "Author and publisher Carmen Callil has withdrawn from the judging panel" - composed of herself, "rare book dealer and author Rick Gekoski, who acted as chair, and novelist Justin Cartwright" - due to... Continue Reading →


The Fantasyland Guide to Exotics!

Shweta Narayan has a couple of excellent posts on "the racist/Orientalist/fetishizing contextual stew that Secondary-world Fantasy inherited" - or Tough Guide to Fantasyland-style entries on Exotic Locales and Helpful Natives! The Evil Empire (EE) lies to the South and/or East of Fantasyland proper, generally on the Other Continent; its inhabitants areNatives. Tourists will see amazing amounts of Squalor right... Continue Reading →

Jeff VanderMeer on Finnish SF and Fantasy: An Established Community, a Surge of Talent

Over at the Omnivoracious blog, Jeff VanderMeer continues his coverage of Finnish SF and Fantasy, including a video of Jukka Halme. Here's an excerpt: While influence is a two-way exchange, issues of translation are definitely unequal. Many Finns read in English, but most Americans can’t read Finnish. Saara Henriksson’s Moby Doll might have the kind... Continue Reading →

Shimmer, Issue 13

The stories in this season’s issue are extremely well-written and an absolute pleasure to read. The stories themselves, for the most part serious or even melancholy, are built on fresh ideas or at least interesting twists on established ones. Their fantastical elements range from the overt—mermaids and magic portals—to the mere shimmer of possibility hovering... Continue Reading →

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn interviews Nnedi Okorafor

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn interviews Nnedi Okorafor for the SFWA Blog. Here's an excerpt: Sexism and racism, particularly ethnicism, play a part in much of your fiction, and your fiction has been recognized and awarded for its treatment of these themes and issues. Do these themes come from placing your characters in a realistic world where such... Continue Reading →

Haikasoru Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince Giveaway

The Haikasoru blog is currently having a giveaway for  Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince by  Noriko Ogiwara and the contest mechanics piqued my interest: ...just write a little bit of what you think about this question: When readers think “fantasy” they often think of stories taking place in a pseudo-medieval Europe. Is this just due to the facts... Continue Reading →

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