Romanian anthology Steampunk: The Second Revolution reviewed

Radu Romaniuc has written an extensive review of the Romanian steampunk anthology Steampunk: The Second Revolution, edited by Adrian Craciun.

So why is this book interesting? Well, it tries to align the Romanian fandom (which this book represents) with the bigger, and richer, Anglo-American fandom. We write Steampunk too, if that’s where the genre’s at. So say the Romanian writers, and the editor Adrian Craciun who selected the stories.

So let’s see how and what is in the Romanian Steampunk anthology…

The Editor’s Word. A Moment of Craziness by Adrian Craciun

The first echoes were a bit… depressing. The first answer I got – from a woman author – was something like ‘The theme doesn’t appeal to me. Not in the least…’ I received worse. (But I’m not going to tell them.)

The brief fore-foreword hints at the reluctance of the writers towards the theme. (I’ve had an online conversation with mr. Carciun where he mentioned he received a total of twenty-or-so submissions. It’s a bit of an ingrate mission to produce an anthology in these conditions.) But then the editor promises us he selected the stories that made it in the Table of Contents with our reading pleasure in mind.

Foreword. “To the boulevard, stoker! To the boulevard!…” by Stefan Ghidoveanu

This second foreword, written by a venerable and beloved member of the fandom, is not subtle anymore: this book had everything against it.

First of all it’s the theme: steampunk… Pretty when it’s written or filmed by others, in places where steam machines, running warm water or buildings with more than ten floors existed since the second half of the XIXth Century…”

“Second of all […] As I made my way through the Romanian publishing system, more often than not I had to acknowledge that the Romanian authors can’t write on spec…”

“Third of all […] no anthology or multiple-authored collection in the last 20 years managed to live up to its expectation…”

But has the Steampunk anthology surpassed all these challenges? Stefan Ghidoveanu is enthusiastically convinced that it did, and we turn the page to the first story… – continue reading!


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