European SF Awards Announced

ESFS Awards at 33-rd Eurocon in Stockholm, Sweden

European Grand Master
Sam Lundwall (Sweden)

Hall of Fame

Best Author
Alastair Reynolds (United Kingdom)

Best Artist
David Hardy (United Kingdom)

Best Translator
Attila Németh (Hungary)

Best Magazine
Ubiq (Croatia) (Russian Federation)

Best Publisher
Lenizdat (Russian Federation)

Best Promoter
Louis Savy (United Kingdom)
Oleg Kolesnikov – (Russian Federation)

Spirit of Dedication

Ivan Mavrović (Croatia)

Best Fanzine
Parsek (Croatia)

Best Dramatic Presentation
Aniara (Sweden)

Encouragement Awards

Jan Polacek (Czech Republic)
Maria Ryapolova (Ukraine)
Hanu Rajaniemi (Finland)
Mariam Petrosyan (Armenia)
Tim Skorenko (Belarus)
Michal Jedinak (Slovakia)
Ákos Kovács (Hungary)
Stefana Czeller (Romania)
Ivan Kuznetsov (Russia)

Honorary Award

Vlado Risa (Czech Republic)
Svetlana Bondarenko (Ukraine)

EUROCON 2013 is granted to Kiev, Ukraine

Eurocon 2012 will be held in Zagreb, Croatia

8 thoughts on “European SF Awards Announced

  1. One of the Romanian delegates told me that there were no Encouragement Awards this year… Is he bullshitting me? Where did zou get the list from?

    1. Officially, the Award was granted right after Romanians sent their nominations list to Dave and Bridget. The wrong thing was no one even announced the list during ESFS meetings – only at the Awards Ceremony. Encouragement Awards are granted automatically by national nominations on the basis of 1 nominee per country.

      1. Thanks, Boris. Thing is, our Romanian friends said that the Encouragement Awards were not even mentioned at the aeards ceremony… That’s what made me wonder. Maybe our guys left the ceremony earlier.

  2. Good to see Louis Savy of SCI-FI-LONDON.COM get an award for Best Promoter. He works tirelessly all year round promoting and presenting the best sci-fi film from across Europe and deserves the recognition.

  3. As a US fan I find it interesting that the awards go to individuals as opposed to works, in contrast to the Hugos.

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