Mir Fantastiki

First published in Russkaya Fantastika, 07.12.2008.
Translation by René Walling, editing by Val Grimm.

To make a complete survey of Russian genre literature, we must of course discuss magazines. This is why we will begin with Mir Fantastiki, the Russian equivalent of SF Mag or Khimaira. This magazine is the most important (in terms of distribution numbers) publication dedicated to sf and fantasy in all its forms (books, films, games, etc.) in Russia and in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). It is a monthly publication and it’s table of content features the following columns:
• “Books”: New releases, both domestic and foreign, interviews with writers, upcoming releases, coverage of literary events
• “Videodrom”: News from the film industry, film reviews, etc.
• “Games club”: coverage of video games, board games, etc.
• “Doors to the World”: in-depth articles on illustrators, books, games, etc.
• “Time Machine” and “Entertainment Zone”: humor, contests, puzzles and two unpublished stories.
Every issue also includes a DVD with a complete feature film, and a variety of features (“Videodrom”, “Library”, “Video Games”, “Games”, “Computer World”, “Showroom”, etc.)
The print run of the magazine is 35,500 copies. It also has a Web presence with a very extensive site at: www.mirf.ru


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