World SF Travel Fund update

Firstly, apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, and we’re going to go quiet until next week (as I’m once again getting on some long-distance flight – I’ll be in South Africa for a few weeks). In the meantime though, the response to our World SF Travel Fund has been overwhelming – as I type this a whopping $5454 has been raised, leaving us just $546 short of our two year goal!

Now, we’d love to reach that goal, and we’d love to keep going, allowing us to 1) cover the paypal and peerbackers cost (which are deducted from the total) and 2) raise enough towards a third year of operation.

We have a whole range of stuff to give away, including your money’s worth of e-books and physical books, and we’ll be putting together some new incentives in the next week or so. Please consider donating, or spreading the word – by linking to the fund-raiser, on a blog, on twitter, on facebook, wherever you can!

As I said, we’ll take a few days break, but we’ve got some cool stuff coming up, as always, including a major interview with current World Fantasy Award nominee Karen Lord, conducted by Chesya Burke. We’re also working on the next couple of Author Weeks, and looking to restart the fiction feature. This plus a lot of other stuff!

Here’s the link to our peerbackers fund-raiser:

Thanks again!

4 thoughts on “World SF Travel Fund update

  1. Lavie, just say I had a notion to increase my pledge. How could I do that? Is there a way to “top up”, or do I have to do another one and then provide some kind of cross-reference?

    1. Ok, simply make a second donation and it will count towards the other donation you already made – you’ll show up as one donor on our list at the end of the fund-raise.

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