The African Batman?

Bombastic Element reports on a new DC superhero – Batwing, “spawned from Bruce Wayne’s desire to franchise the Batman name across the globe.”

Batwing’s name is David Zamvimbi from Tinasha in the DRC and he will be wearing the cape for the time being as “Africa’s Batman“. Batwing Issue #1was part of DC comics’ historic relaunch of 52 of its titles last week, resetting those books’ clocks back to issue one.

Over at Huff Po, filmmaker Bryan Young interviews Batwing writer Judd Winick, and this time Winick reveals a lot more about how he will be remixing all the available African stereotypes for a Western audience while fleshing out the Batwing character and staying true to Batman’s mythos:

Winick on Batwing’s origins:

…what could be considered the more political bent is that Batwing is an AIDS orphan. He lost both his parents to AIDS. Which some folks might call that politics. From where we sit, we’re just trying to be true to life in Africa right now. In most of the regions, one-fifth of the population is HIV positive or living with AIDS. And there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 million AIDS orphans out there. It rang kind of true to us especially in the Bat universe. Batman himself and most of the other members of the Bat family come from tragic beginnings. That’s sort of the motif. That’s sort of the opera of it all. It’s not like Batwing was out there doing pre-law for a while, starting his own practice, and then decided “Hey, I’ll put on a costume.”

“Maybe they are right to start from the heart of stereotype hell,” BE comment. You can read the full thing here.

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