Fantasy Matters interviews Helen Oyeyemi

Over at Fantasy Matters, Megan Kurashige interviews Helen Oyeyemi. Here’s an excerpt:

MK:I’ve read, in other interviews, that you’re a frequent traveler and have lived in a number of different cities. Why did you choose to leave London? Do you think that your travels have affected your writing? Where do you see yourself heading next?

HO: I like cities and their different personalities; I like making friends with them, London is alright, but we aren’t best friends or anything, so I’m looking for a best friend. We’ve got to choose each other. I don’t think my travels affect my writing all that much— here I am in Berlin, working on something set in England—and I feel too embarrassed to type the name of the city I’m going to next, because it’s actually a city I’ve already lived in for a little while before deciding it wasn’t for me. But I recently changed my mind. (This city isn’t London. But it feels a bit like getting back together with a blatantly unsuitable boyfriend—you don’t want to tell anyone unless you’re getting married…)

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