, July 2011 by Thomas Hardman

July's selection of short stories from Tor include one fantasy, and two other tales which both seem to be children's literature. Yet seeming can be deceiving, and although probably one might read these to their children with no harm done, this is adult fare. In “Dala Horse”, Michael Swanwick offers us a fairly short story... Continue Reading →

An interview with Lavie Tidhar by Elizabeth Allen

Lavie Tidhar is an award-winning genre writer of Israeli origin. I asked him about his short fiction, one of his most recent novel-length works, Osama, the World Fantasy Award-nominated World SF blog, and his role with the World SF Travel Fund. Q: How do you use your short fiction? What does it do for you... Continue Reading →

The African Batman?

Bombastic Element reports on a new DC superhero - Batwing, "spawned from Bruce Wayne's desire to franchise the Batman name across the globe." Batwing's name is David Zamvimbi from Tinasha in the DRC and he will be wearing the cape for the time being as "Africa's Batman". Batwing Issue #1was part of DC comics' historic relaunch of 52... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Brittain Barber reviews Ogawa Issui’s The Lord of the Sands of Time

The Lord of the Sands of Time Ogawa Issui  Reviewed by Brittain Barber I am going to go ahead and assume that no readers out there are currently wondering what would happen if aliens invaded ancient Japan, or how time traveling cyborgs would fight them off. Even if the cyborgs had been skipping through time... Continue Reading →

2011 Seiun Award Winners

Locus reports on the 2011 Seiun Award winners: Winners of the 2011 Seiun Awards, the Japanese equivalent to the Hugos, were announced at Donbura Con L, the 50th Japanese Science Fiction Convention, Sept 3-4, 2011. Japanese Novel: Kyonen wa Ii Toshi ni Narudarou (Last Year Was Probably a Good Year), Yamamoto Hiroshi Japanese Short Story: “Arisuma-oo no Aishita... Continue Reading →

The Immersion Book of Steampunk

Here's the table of contents for new anthology The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by Gareth D. Jones and Carmelo Rafala and published by Immersion Press. International contributors include Aliette de Bodard, Jacques Barcia, Anatoly Belilovsky and Lavie Tidhar. Table of contents: “Follow That Cathedral!” by Gareth Owens “The Machines of the Nehphilim” by James Targett “The... Continue Reading →

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