Author Week #3: S.L. Grey

It's time for our third special Author Week here on the World SF Blog! Our guest(s) this week are South African writing duo S.L. Grey, author(s) of The Mall, a big, fantastic horror novel set in Johannesburg. S.L. Grey are made up of Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg, who will be contributing this week with... Continue Reading →


The Problem With “Asian Steampunk”

Over at, Jess Nevins has an article entitled The Problem With “Asian Steampunk". Here's an example Nevins gives of Asian Steampunk: Zeppelin pirates are a staple of steampunk, but nautical pirates were a reality in the waters of Southeast Asia. Notable among these were the female pirates, from Zheng Yi Sao and Cai Qian in... Continue Reading →

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