Tuesday Fiction: “Maun of the Dead” by Sarah Lotz (Author Week #3)

Our new story this Tuesday is "Maun of the Dead" by Sarah Lotz, one half of S.L. Grey. Maun of the Dead Sarah Lotz The YOU magazine is over six weeks old, but I don’t care. I grab it from its otherwise empty shelf and greedily flick through the dusty pages, pausing at a Becks... Continue Reading →

Author Week #3: S.L. Grey

It's time for our third special Author Week here on the World SF Blog! Our guest(s) this week are South African writing duo S.L. Grey, author(s) of The Mall, a big, fantastic horror novel set in Johannesburg. S.L. Grey are made up of Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg, who will be contributing this week with... Continue Reading →

Ekaterina Sedia on Tor.com (Ekaterina Sedia) on Challenges of Writing Alternate History Set in Other Cultures

Over at Tor.com, Ekaterina Sedia has a post on Challenges of Writing Alternate History Set in Other Cultures. Here's an excerpt: As someone who writes steampunk set outside of the familiar western milieu, I find it extremely challenging – because many readers do not have a very detailed picture of Russian or Chinese real history,... Continue Reading →

Clarkesworld, July through September by Scooter Carlyle

July In "Trois morceaux en forme de mechanika," by Gord Sellar, the end began when the first mechanika butchered its maker.  Within a few generations humanity's accomplishments became little more than relics in museums. I loved the story, which I think can be most accurately described as dystopian steampunk.  It takes place over several hundred... Continue Reading →

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