Philippine Steampunk Comic High Society Released!

Via Rocket Kapre:

The mysterious steampunk comic book collaboration between myself [Paolo Chikiamco] and the wonderful Hannah Buena has now been released! Flipside Komix has published “High Society” (formerly “Kataastaasan“)  onAmazon as a Kindle comic. It’s an alternative history story that mixes automata, Philippine folklore, and the British invasion of Manila in the 1760s. It’s also the first comic book story set in the world of the “Wooden War”, which was also the setting of my story in Philippine Speculative Fiction 6.

There’s not a lot of Philippine steampunk stories out there (I’m eagerly awaiting “The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Doctor Rizal”), and none that mix it up with Philippine mythology quite the way that Hannah and I do here, so if that interests you, please do buy a copy!

4 thoughts on “Philippine Steampunk Comic High Society Released!

  1. Thanks so much for promoting the comic Lavie! I should also mention that for those who want alternatives to the Kindle edition, it is also available on iTunes ( and the new Philippine digital bookstore, Flipreads ( At the moment though, the Kindle version is the cheapest, as our publisher is running a promotion and the comic is being sold at a discounted price of US$0.99.

    Thanks again!

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